Mung Bean

Mung bean

Scientific name: Vigna radiata

Mung beans is a popular food among vegetarians since it contains a lot of protiens and fibre and the main advantage of mung beans is that it helps in digestion and also mung beans control the amount of cholesterol content in our body.Mung beans contains a lot of minerals like calcium and potassium which was essential for enhancing the strength of bones and teeth.Fat content in mung bean is very low so it is highly recommended for people who wants to shed pounds from their body.The following table gives the details of calories and nutritional content of 100 grams of whole green mung beans.
Mung beans  contain vitamins A and B, mineral component such as phosphor calcium, protein and carbohydrate.


Clears toxins from body

Mung beans when cooked and consumed in the right way provides the path for clearing toxins and unwanted chemicals from the body and modern sciences has vindicated this statement.


Helps to lose weight

Mung beans are low in calories and rich in protiens and fibre and so eating a small amount of mung beans gives you the feeling of fullness which reduces the carvings for unwanted foods and it is a high nutritious food which has low fat content so it is highly recommended to people who are planning to lose weight .


Reduces the cholesterol level

Eating mung beans helps to reduce the cholesterol level in the body and helps in regulating the blood pressures in a healthy manner and in that process it maintain the arteries and veins in good condition.


Prevent breast cancer

Mung beans are rich in protien inhibitors which was helpful in reducing the manipulation of tumour cells including those of breast cancer . So it is highly recommended for women to consume mung beans on a daily basis.



Mung beans are a diabetic friendly food.Mung beans are low glycemic index foods which enhances healthy sugar levels and eating low glycemic index foods reduce the body fat percentage which reduces the blood glucose level and blood urea nitrogen levels.


Reduces heart problems

Mung beans are a member of a legume family of plants. The consumption of 5 or more servings of beans\ week decreases the heart disease y 22% according to a study reported by US.


Maintain healthy vision

A cup of mung bean sprouts provides 14mg Vitamin c which acts as an anti oxidant activity and they supports healthy vision.


Carbohydrates and Protiens

Each serving of mung bean contains 60g of carbohydrates which is 20% of the daily recommended value and they are rich in soluble fibre which improves digestion and prevents digestion and stroke.There are 30 g of protiens in each serving of mung beans which is 60% of the daily recommended value and they are used to replace damaged body parts.



Due to their high content in fibre,mung bean sprouts can help improve intestinal motility and relieve the signs of motility.


Skin anti ageing effect

Phytoestrogens an enzyme present in mung beans helps in the secreation of collagen and elastin which helps in enhancing the skin tone.So, regular intake of mung beans enhances the anti ageing properties of skin.


Hair and nail fragility

Due to the lack of vitamins like protien and zinc the strength of nails and hairs gets fragile and for those people who are suffering from these deficiencies mung beans comes as a rescue as it contains a lot of these minerals which helps in preventing the loss of nails and hair.


Improves liver health.

Mung beans are rich in lecithin which reduces the liver fat which in turn reduces liver fat and regulates the normal functioning of the live

Medical properties:

Mung bean is a treatment for anemia, increasing insulin secretion, and relieve constipation and anti diarrhea.

Food properties:

Mung bean used in extract, powder, leaf, and seedling.

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