scientific name: Orchis mascula

Family Name: Orchidaceae

Common Name: Salep Orchid, Salabm, Salabmisri 

Part Used: Root.

Habitat: Mediterranean Europe and northeast Africa. 

Product offered: Root, Extract

Uses:  Aphrodisiac, Tonic, Special diet for Geriatrics

Orchis, one of the genus in the Orchid family is native to Europe and North West Africa. It is a terrestrial orchid that has characterized tubers instead of pseudobulbs. The name orchis is due to tuberoids. Some common characteristics of the Orchis genus are that, the stem grows to a height of 30 cms with a cylindrical inflorescence.

Orchis Extract
Roots of orchis plant are collected carefully and are processed into fine extract. Some of the most important constituents of the bitter root is mucilage. They also yield gelatinous substance that forms jelly when combined rightly with water. This jelly is found as a cure against diarrhoea, dysentery and  chronic fever.
Therapeutic Properties

Some of the mostly mentioned therapeutic properties of orchis are : it is a good astringent, demulcent, expectorant and nutritive.

Medicinal properties:

The medical parts of this plant is undergrad tubers. Orchid is useful for boost sex drive, treatment of cold and cough up blood

Food properties:

The powder of its bulb contain starchy materials so it used in ice cream, and other food industries.

Hygienic properties:

The Orchid leaf is used to treatment of infertility and in the case that orchid powder blind with mallow , obtain a gum and whichis suitable for boosting hair.

Product No: 115 

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