The Benefits of Herbal Plants

Resort properties of each type of vegetables that are beneficial to the treatment:


1) Headache eats more fish and other sea fish, freshwater fish from fish oil have anti-headache properties eat ginger to help with headache relief.


2) Dust and dirt is losing both carpel to eat yogurt or curd.


3) Heart of regularly drinking green tea in green tea helps prevent fat to nab the vascular wall.


4) Insomnia regularly drinks honey. Substances in honey have a sedative effect makes good night.


5) Diseases from asthma eat onion or shallot onion.


6) Inflammatory arthritis. Eat fish. Change has usually included salmon tuna. Fish oil makes inflammatory arthritis relief.


7) Eat bananas or banana ginger to prevent constipation. Cause nausea and ginger in the morning disappeared.


8) Bladder infections in the bladder to water, a rack of balls Canton Regional (in cold) Strong acid in killing bacteria ruff.


9) Osteoporosis both fragile and brittle bones, edited by pineapple to eat. Manganese is substances which are very Help bone strength.


10) Edit memory deteriorated by eating oyster or scallop shell. Shellfish help maintain the brain.


11) Is a cold nose makes clear brain eating garlic lawn, Garlic reduces cholesterol in blood.


12) Sneeze I eat red pepper bring a message that cough syrup is extracted from red pepper.


13) Breast cancer, eating wheat bran and cabbage help prevent, particularly rice bran cabbage.


14) Helps the body produce growth hormone, a female, has practiced in the right quantities. Important do not eat chicken because a growth hormone used to accelerate the Jane growth.


15) Lung cancer, eating oranges and greens with vitamin A will help prevent the very cause of the toxic substance.


16) Gastric eat cabbage which makes the chemicals in stomach gangrene, small intestine and completely cured.


17) Diarrhea eating apple peel and fresh. Help when the disease symptoms, stomach disturbances in moderate sprain attack.


18) High blood pressure takes vegetables and plants both have this type of chemical, cause a decrease in blood pressure.


19) No blood sugar balance. Eat vegetables and groundnut which make insulin in the blood sugar balance.


20) Eat vegetable everyday, it will be belly is helping properties. Create balance within the body help prevent illness and maintain various types.


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